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James Bryce

Actor, musician and writer for 40 years now, James has appeared in many films and TV series, in addition to numerous roles in theatre productions.

His music is wide-ranging: jazz, musicals, theatre, children's work for the BBC, and works for the concert-hall.

James Bryce: CV

You can now download James' CV in PDF format.   The current version is as at Feb 2019, and it will be updated regularly.

Voice Work

The Voice page has full details of this aspect of James's life; but here are two short examples of his work:


Stiven-Christie Management
1 Glen Street

Tel: 0131-228-4040
Fax: 0131-228-4645



On the left is a showreel in Flash format with brief excerpts from some of James' work.

You can download Flash Player from the Adobe website

The Interactive Storytelling Collective

This group comprises Jim, Alex and Hess, and their show is for children, adults..and everyone in between!

Learn the secrets of great stories and of storytelling in this highly successful venture, which was first performed at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe.  The reponse was enthusiastic, and the show will be returning to the Fringe in 2019.  More details of times / dates to follow.


The Hum

HUM is a short Sci-Fi film that draws inspiration from real life events surrounding the hum phenomenon, experienced in Bristol and Taos. A story of grief and loss, HUM blends together elements of character drama and mystery with contemporary quantum physics theories.

It has been short listed for Best at Loch Ness Film Festival (July 28th 2017), selected for Fantasia International Film Festival and Dragon Com Independent Film Festival in Atlanta (2017).

Trailer on Vimeo 216526420

The Hum is seeking funding to transform itself into a full-length feature. It's being crowdfunded. If you like what you see, please donate at this Kickstarter page and/or keep up to date on its Facebook page

Audio books

James has just recorded his 30th Quintin Jardine book,  called ColdCase.

Fantasia on London Themes

James's brass band arrangement of London street songs, "Fantasia on London Themes" will be performed by Edinburgh University Brass Band at the Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh on 6th April at 7.30pm


James will be appearing in sreies 5, episode 6 of "Shetland"

Whisky Kisses

Whisky Kisses is published by Stagescripts

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