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Public speaking

James is available to deliver Tam O'Shanter at Burns events.

His previous performances have been very well received, and he can be contacted through this website

A Kind of Circle is now available. See the shop page for details

Cat Eats Dog

This short film has shown at film festivals in Canada and China, and is now available on iTunes.

The Hum

HUM is a short Sci-Fi film that draws inspiration from real life events surrounding the hum phenomenon, experienced in Bristol and Taos. A story of grief and loss, HUM blends together elements of character drama and mystery with contemporary quantum physics theories.

It has been short listed for Best at Loch Ness Film Festival (July 28th 2017), selected for Fantasia International Film Festival and Dragon Com Independent Film Festival in Atlanta (2017).

Trailer on Vimeo 216526420

The Hum is seeking funding to transform itself into a full-length feature. It's being crowdfunded. If you like what you see, please donate at this Kickstarter page and/or keep up to date on its Facebook page

New album

You can keep up to date with James's musical work by visiting his music Facebook page.

Whisky Kisses - the critics

Brilliant reviews for this musical both in the Scotsman and in The Times.  Joyce McMillan in the Scotsman said:

  • By ten o'clock, I guess there was not a man, woman or child in the place who didn't feel that they had had their money's worth from this new Right Lines production of Whisky Kisses
  • Complex and interesting songs by composer James Bryce
  • Full of humour and theatrical energy
  • If it were to play off Broadway, I guess Whisky Kisses would probably win exactly the same response, of recognition, laughter, and delight

Meanwhile The Times' Robert Dawson Scott was saying:

  • A fantastic score by James Bryce, sophisticated, original... with catchy tunes and clever use of the thematic material
  • Great individual jokes and a terrific cast, led by the lovely Alyth McCormack
  • Genuinely classy and riotously good fun

The full Scotsman review is here.